2ml Sterile/Pyrogen Free Clear Vials 216pk/Tray

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2ml Sterile Depyrogenated Clear Glass Vials

- 13mm (high grade) Chlorobutyl Stoppers + puncture/heal ratio) 
- 13mm Silver Aluminum Open Hole Seal (seal colors may vary)

- Neutral Borosilicate 5.0 Glass Material 16mm x 35mm (can withstand high temp)
- PVC Plastic Tray and Vacuum Seal Packaging ISO5 Laboratory
- All packaging are labeled with Lot# and Expiration Date

Vial process involves washing, cleaning and sanitizing in an ISO Class 5 Operational Cleanroom, along with Steam Sterilization and Dry Heat Depyrogenation process. 

All sample submissions are outsourced to a FDA Registered Microbiology Lab for sterility and endotoxin testing.  

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